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Complete and efficient infrastructures

Labelled and recognised as a Zone of Regional Interest (ZIR) by the Region of Midi-Pyrénées and Premium Zone for access to a high-speed network of the Department of Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrène Aéro Pôle zones are accessible by all modern communication infra-structures:

  • Aerial service road from Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées' International Airport (in average 460,000 passengers/year);
  • Possible railroad connection on the Bayonne/Toulouse line;
  • Two dual lane roads (5 min. by car from Tarbes and Lourdes) towards the A64 interchange (Bilbao/San Sebastian/ Bayonne/Toulouse/Barcelona);
  • Secured service lines (network lock-up) with high-speed ADSL 2+ and possible optic fibre, since CCCO is the owner of set lines within the entire zone and buildings (possibilities of using competitive telecom operators and service providers)...

Pyrène Aéro Pôle offers specific advantages for activities dealing with aeronautics by:

  • Having a taxiway (1,600 m runway) sized for medium and large carriers, belonging to businesses in the Centre for Industrial Works and linked to the airport's runway (3,200 m), offering the possibility to make plane parking space and hangars along the runway;
  • Secured and reserved installations, service based buildings modularity and a large panel of mutualised meeting rooms, perfect for R&D, study, collaborative engineering and training activities...
  • And of course the presence of essential industrial actors in its direct industrial environment:
    • DAHER-SOCATA: European leader in utility and business oriented aircraft construction (TBM-850: single engine turboprop) and aeronautic sub-contractor (aerostructures and systems, cells and equipped sections, assembly...), first rank concerning Airbus, ATR, Dassault, Eurocopter or Embraer; turnover about €250 M/year and permanent personnel of 1400 employees;
    • TARMAC Aerosave: consortium primarily composed of Airbus, SITA France (Suez) and Snecma Services (SAFRAN), head of an industrial project, after completion of a test period (PAMELA), on end of usage life aircraft deconstruction (maintenance, retrofit, recycling of all or part of its contents), labelled by Aerospace Valley's Worldwide Competitive Centre; turnover about €10 M/year and permanent personnel of 30 employees;
    • An entire fabric and dense network of quality sub-contractors: Assistance Aéronautique et Aérospatiale (AAA), Atelier de Décoletage de Bigorre (ADB), Pro Concept, Ségneré, Société de Fabrication Industrielle de Bénac (SFIB), Telis-Soflog...