A strategic geographic location at the heart of Aerospace Valley, a Worldwide Competitive Centre in aeronautics, and the Pau-Tarbes-Lourdes triangle (400,000 inhabitants).

Over €20 M invested by the community to impulse economic development in the territory around Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées (TLP) International Airport.


  • To promote new projects and create new jobs by entrepreneurship
  • To develop implantation sites which are attractive, specialised and of a high quality
  • To guide you for an easier arrival in our territory


  • Since 1992, the great economic project Pyrène Aéro Pôle has united all 17 communes of the canton d'Ossun (today 13,500 inhabitants) first as a mixed Union, together with the Département des Hautes-Pyrénées, which in 1994 gave birth to the Communauté de communes du canton d'Ossun (CCCO).
Pôle industriel

Bought in 1992 by the Groupe DL and first implanted business in 1996, Nestadour is specialised in metal construction works for the public buildings and works sector (French BTP; carpentry, framework, cladding, special works...) with a turnover of €14 M and 60 employees. This first successful implantation encouraged Groupe DL to continue its cooperation with the CCCO by implanting their subsidiary branch (mirror trade, carpentry...) in 2001, the year during which the Nestadour building was first expanded, and followed by a few others until there has been complete saturation of available constructible land
(15,000 m2).
"By the end of 2009, as production capacity and land were saturated, development projects which albeit necessary for Nestadour seemed quite limited" says Bertrand DEYRIS, President of Groupe DL (€110 M turnover and 510 employees). "Spontaneously, elected representatives of the CCCO made an unexpected proposal of buying our building at the time (6,200 m2 of workshops and offices), with the idea of making a business service centre for renting business space to industrial businesses and permitting us with a new terrain of 25,000 m2, which needed heavy construction and levelling works and which would be exclusively at their charge, authorising us to rebuild a housing development of 9,300 m2".
"This €3.5 M investment which will immediately allow to expend by 20% the production capacity of our factory, is equally sized for a future extension of 2,700 m2". According to Bertrand DEYRIS, "only a few elected representatives would have had the will and courage to take such risks and to go this far to encourage development, locally, for a company such as Nestadour".


Pyrène Aéro Pôle is included in the Regional Aids zone (Zone A.F.R.) and the Territory Planning Subsidies (PAT). Possible mobilisation of public subsidies to the highest rate are foreseen.
Personalised support from a team and a network committed to projects: Departmental Committee for Economic Development (CDDE 65), MIDI.PYRENEES EXPANSION (MPE), Tarbes and Hautes Pyrénées Chamber of Commerce and of Industry, State administration..., work together as a network alongside CCCO to allow those with projects to gather all information and necessary support.
An attractive and coordinated fiscal policy for businesses.


  • A unique and attractive site within the greater South-West region of France, at the foothill of the Pyrenees, which has already created over 1,300 jobs and the financial and territorial needs to continue its expansion with yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's businesses...